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Wedding Cake Trends For 2018

Decades ago most wedding cakes were made from dried fruit with white icing. Designs have moved on a lot and now there are not only different types of cake but a whole load of colors, effects and icing techniques.

Some are so spectacular they are almost entire works of art. Think intricate sugar flowers, sculpted buttercream and even icing that resembles torn paper.

Wedding cakes and the latest trends in their design are now a big part of the theme of a wedding – be that with the colors, look or any botanicals added on top. And in 2018, there are already some incredible new techniques and ideas emerging, some a smart twist on the classic white cake while others are totally out of this world.

1. Cakes That Drip

cakes that drip

Drips work with any cake base to create something really indulgent. White chocolate dripping from this marbled cake, plus a mix of fig and rose decorations, really makes it a cake to remember. Meanwhile, colorful drips on a classic white cake certainly make it eye-catching.

2. Shaggy Cakes

shaggy cakes

Something more unusual is this insane ‘shaggy’ look, with each strand carefully frosted individually. As with this couple’s wedding cake, it’s possible to incorporate your wedding colors into the design to make sure everything fits perfectly.

3. Watercolour – or ‘Graffiti’ – Cake and Gold Leaf

water color cakes

If you love David Austin roses, the floral watercolor cake could be one for you. The first cake here is in dusty pink with gold leaf detail, macarons and roses sweeping up the sides.

4. Botanical Cakes

botanical cakes

This cake made using herbs and edible flowers and is perfect for either an outdoor wedding or a rustic wedding theme.

5. Ombre Wedding Cakes

ombre wedding cakes

Ombre cakes definitely have the wow factor,  made entirely with edible cornflowers. In case you weren’t aware, ombre is basically the gradual blending of different hues and colors.

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